Saturday, January 17, 2009

happeee neuo yeeeer

All hail the 2009.

Now, i have a lot of unresolved issues with 2008. one of which being that i have far too many Scape08 experiences (i.e. photos) that have yet to be discussed. i will endeavor to bring these to you this month (or what is left of it). because, seriously, everyone wants to relive their Scape08 moments. or not. which is precisely why incriminating photos have yet to be posted.

and of course, whilst we are all still in recovery from it all, those hard working ladies [and gents] in the Scape office are gearing up for the next big one (re: 2010). well, probably a bit more of the recovering and travel more than the gearing, but in any case, there is no rest for the wicked.

now, before we look forward to 2010 (by which time my boobs will be touching my knees and i will have lost any hope of having babies or being married, or divorced now i think about it) we can look a little forward to 2009 where a few art rumblings around Christchurch city will keep some folk happy and others writing irate letters to the Press.

Rest well, there will be plenty of spoilers on this site.

Happy Oh Niyne x

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Interview with the Em Ess Aye...

As part of Marnie Slater's Free Tours, MSA presented HOW TO EXPLAIN ART TO MY PARENTS: Unscheduled, covert meanderings (yes, i guiltily ripped that one straight from the scape website). Lucky old me was able to scab a bit of the ol' "Q and A" time. Here's what he had to say...

Name: MSA

Superhero Power: To be able to read my own mind with an amazing amount of accuracy.

Occupation: Artist / scientist (depends on the day)

How did you get involved with Scape?: Through a friend

Fill us in on what your tour's about: It differs from a conventional tour, whereby the viewer actively enters the tour, How to explain art to my parents offered tours to a passer-by with tours consisting of little more than a conversation. Asking strangers to take a photo of myself standing in front of an artwork acted as an entry point. The dialogue after the photo took on many forms- coaxing the stranger to comment on the art, or a simple comment from myself for the person to dwell on.

Why did you choose this format?: I wanted to move away from the idea that a person has to actively enter a tour, and maybe the tour it self had to seek out the viewer. Also I was really busy at the time and this format didn’t require a lot of preparation- and I could do the tours when I felt like it, this seemed to coincide with sunny days and trips to C1 (cafĂ©).

What do your actual parents think of 'all of this'?: Haven’t actually tried to explain this one to my parents, they’re still recovering from the last explanation on an art work I gave them, have you got any suggestions?

How do you think the public have reacted to Scape08?: Here are some of the publics comments:

I thought that was a window display ( Billy Apple).
That’s an artwork.
It’s a giant tadpole.
Is our tax paying for that? (See change, James Oram) .
Is that a radio prank? (See change, James Oram).
This grandstand has been built for a band, not sure when or who it is though. (Re-public Park, ZUS: Zones Urbaines Sensibles).

Best tour encounter: The story of a giant and how he was going to place the Wheat (Regan Gentry, sculpture 'Flour Power') and that poppy (Phil Price’s Nucleus) into that huge vase (Neil Dawson’s Chalice) , but accidentally dropped them on the way into town.

Worst tour encounter: People in a hurry.

Strangest?: Encountering a really nice guy who seemed really into the whole talking about sculpture in public places, but then managed to turn the conversation around and tried to convert me to some new religion he had just started.

What's your favourite work in Scape and why: Tatzu Oozu’s Endeavour, the whole surprise element and the security guard made the work, and I got to sit on the toilet- I felt I really got to know James.

What will you do when Scape is over?: Continue to read my mind

Yusss, thanks for that one MSA (don't you love the mystery of this guy? sexy). As i have said earlier, if volunteers make the world go round, this guy is the sun of which we orbit.

Now, *do* watch this scape, lovely photos of Lyttelton to come...x

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Q & A's with the [day] night rider...

Ann Veronica Janssens' work in the gallery is so kick arse for two reasons- firstly, because it gives you a great work out (your buns will be able to crack walnuts), and secondly, because it is awesome. WTS were fortunate enough to catch up with the resident gallery rider...

Name: Emma

Superhero Name: Turn-Big-Objects-Into-Small-Ones Girl


Ultimate Goal in Life: To be so happy I need replacement cheeks.

Short Term Goal in Life:
At the moment I'd really like some bookshelves.

How'd you get involved?: Through the Court Theatre. Definitely one of the cooler jobs I've had!

What's life like on the bike?: Great! It's been really fun meeting the people coming in to the gallery. There've been a lot of locals and tourists through, and it's fun to be able to introduce the bikes to them. Most people have been very enthusiastic about trying them.

Your thoughts on the work?: Such a good idea. They look beautiful and have received endless compliments. It would be cool to have them as a permanent installation.

How do/will you feel now/when the project is over?: Lazier, probably.

Strange encounters?: A violent toddler.

Favorite work in Scape?: The bikes!

Favorite person in the world?: Most come first-equal.

What's for dinner?:
I suspect it'll be tofu and beans again.

Thank you Emma so much for giving up your time to answer our questions.

Now, the question on *everyones* lips is...WHO WON A BIKE? Yes, thats right, you could *win* a bike. Who won?

Well, I don't know, maybe you could tell me. If you won a bike or a voucher, tell me all about it. I can plot my revenge later...

Wha huppun?

So off to Ballantynes I went, doop doop dee doop.

Aghhh! Wha huppun!? Chanel No. 5?

Well, I *told* you folks, *Go* and see Scape before it closes. So, some works decided to go home early. Well, you shouldn't have left it to the last two weeks to see stuff! *Tsk*. So, these pictures are mearly to jog the memories of those who *saw* the Billy Apple work in the window of Ballies, "as if it were the first time"...

And I guess, for those of you that *didn't* see it...

We always look for *you* Mr Sign. You is what tells us it is art.

Teh Window. How many Ballantyne patrons offered to buy the work? "Aye wood laik to bai thee eeples en thee shoep windoo"

"Aye downt supohz aye cood taek thee gowld wun fo a dinaa paartay aye em howsting- yew know, centa pees fo the tayble?"

"huw maach fo thee red wunn?"

Look at me! boldly using crude stereotypes of people that shop at ballantynes. smack my wrist. Im sure they dont talk like that at all. *they*. tehe.

Now, go out and see some art.

Utha waiz Aye will punsh yew en the Oh-varies. x

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A twip to the Catheeedwil...

Ah yeeees, the holy place. The beeeg chewch. Lonnie, dwawing attention to the cultuwal and spiwitual place. Creeping into the back of teh Cathedwil, I looked for her work. Relieved, it was sign posted by the *big Red signage*.

For all the morally corrupt (yes, that especially includes you art folk), seek refuge in the place of Gawd.

Ah ha, here it is. Now to view it, without being accosted by a bible...

So close...

Oooo, pretty moving pictures.

Sort of reminds me of Johnny Five from Short Circuit. Those eyes...

And finally, a spoiler...

I suggest tilting it up to look at the seiling. Oooooo.

To my surprise, I was left to view the work without engaging in any sort of Gawd talk. The nice man I talked to was very enthusiastic about the work. Liked it alot. Had a lot of nice things to say about Lonnie too.

Nice people make the world go round...x

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh, um, youre, in the bath, im...terribly, sorry, Ooo, this is awkward...

So, as promised, a trip to see Tatzu Oozu's work in Victoria Square was definately in order. This one didn't make it for the Opening Weekend, but was very much worth the wait.

As always, a pictorial journey (because words always escape me)...

What is this!? i went to the square to see a statue and insted I get *this*!? what *is* this!? (that was me pretending to be a person who fears change. pretty good huh)

Oh, I see, one of those 'red posted' art works. I see, tell me more...

Oh stairs. i love a good stair climb. But wait, a sign...

Confusion- do I wait down below for someone to get me? or do i call out to so called *security*? so many questions. why is there restricted access?

Oh, thats a nice couch, i wasn't, great lamp...

TV!? what, is this *really* an art work? come on guys, seriously... (again, person who fears change. like?)

Book case. With your usual bookcase things- vases, visitors book, paper, scapefeedbacksheet *ehhhm*...

A Canterbury Tale. hoo hoo hoo...

Mitre10 Changing Rooms. I think my lungs and bowels spontaneously squeezed together and a tiny little fart laugh came out.

WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!? Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow Mr...James...cook? big fan. wow, um, didnt expect to see you here. where do I start- autograph?

I see you're in the bathroom, ehmm, sorry I... what nice toilet you have, and loverley toilet accesories...

And of course the sink. Soap anyone?

Detail of James (yes, we'r ona first name basis thankyou verymuch) up close. Quite wonderful to see it at this distance. Extreme. Not unless I got very sloshed and scrambled up this statue at night time could I ever see it like this. Thankyou Scape and Tatzu. You made it so much easier.

One more for the kids at home...

How can i forget RAY- the man on the Left. Best Security Guard Ever. So. Much. Love. This man made my experience of this art work so pleasurable I wanted to burst into song. GIVE this man a christmas bonus. Pu-lees.

So. Awesome Work. Go see it mofos x

Friday, October 31, 2008

Closing down sale...

Yes, it's that time of yeaar folks, *sniff*, when all volunteers of Scape must come together, for one last time. *I promised myself i wouldn't cry*. So all the lovely people at the Scape office put together a really nice thankyou party.

Now, there weren't any hotel rooms or orgies this time round (well, none that I know of), but a nice event none the less.

And as usual, the pictures are loaded backwards, so we start with my journey of leaving the party...

The pretty I wonder, i *really* wonder, how many people crashed and almost died looking a Ayse's sign insted of the road when cruising down Montreal. Well, frankly, they died for a good cause.

Mike and Lauren. Mike is a clever photographer who snapped away alot during Scape- you probably didn't even know- bet he's got some unflattering ones of you. Lauren designed the Free Tours booklets and poster stuff for Marnie. *sigh*. talented young people aye? Note Bene- don't worry about Mike's wrists, it was halloween I swear, not post-art-school trauma...

What's a good party wihtout our old friend ESSENCE. Here is a haiku about Essence...

"Thou art bubbled love
My lips quiver at first touch
You are my Essence"

Not spiked with gin this time round.

More volunteers! these people make the world go round, and not in the aids-in-africa sort of way. in the lets-make-art-happen way! thats the *best* sort of way to have.

Chloe and Matt, who helped out on numerous projects. Chloe on Maider Lopez' stuff, and Ayse's bags, and Matt, well, this guy was alot of people's bitch (i mean that in the cool-working-with-artists-and-getting-involved way). If it wasn't for these two stunning people, im sure alot of stuff wouldn't have happened.

Ah, yes, a wonderful way to wrap up the whole event. BUT WAIT. Still two more weeks fool! get the hell away from this screen *right now* and go visit some work. NoW!